Michael Paul Smith in LB Opera Production

The Difficulty of Crossing a Field
by David Lang

Jun 22, 28, 29, 2014
Terrace Theater, Long Beach

“A marvelous production…a hybrid opera/play, unlike any other I know…
Long Beach is busy making history…”
(Los Angeles Times)

Michael Paul Smith Appears in LB Opera Production

Michael Paul Appeared in LB Opera Production

Michael Paul performed in The Difficulty of Crossing a Field, one of Long Beach Opera’s hallmark productions that made a return in 2014!

David Lang’s soulful and chilling adaptation of an antebellum mystery returned to LBO. A slave owner walks across his field and vanished in plain view of his family, neighbors, and slaves —┬áthe more the witnesses recount the disappearance, the more elusive it becomes. Perspectives are upended as audience members take a seat on stage and watch the mystery unfold in the murky vastness of the Terrace Theater.