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Michael Paul SmithVOICE OVER

First impressions are important and the voice that potential clients hear should set the tone for a warm and friendly relationship. That means presenting your message confidently and with a well-paced delivery.

Michael is available as a voice actor for a variety of voice over projects including radio and TV commercials, corporate marketing narration, voice mail and telephone on-hold messaging, documentary narration, audio scripts supporting web content, and as a narrator of children’s books.

Michael has studied at the prestigious Sutton, Barth and Vennari studio in Los Angeles and done voice over work for the agency. He works closely with professionals in the industry who have established track records for quality and innovation; and respect for your scheduling and budgetary needs.


Michael Paul is also available to record songs for film and television soundtracks. With classically trained voice skills, he can perform the bass-baritone roles in a variety of genres from Broadway songs to gospel and spirituals.

Michael Paul sang the sound track to an independent film depicting the life of Hope Foye, a classical singer extraordinaire and international civil rights advocate who was a contemporary protege of Paul Robeson. Other credits include a performance of the role of James Hemings in the original soundtrack for the Monticello opera.

Selected Projects

Red HopeRed Hope? The Blacklisting of Hope Foye
Voice Over for Paul Robeson performed by Michael Paul Smith

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